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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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J.Q Jiorace JXLann
[1742 She
keep the Visconti, and have sent for the Fumagalli ? will not he heard to the first row of the pit.
I am growing miserable, for it is growing fine weather — that is, everybody is going out of town. I have but just begun to like London, and to be settled in an agreeable set of people, and now they are going to wander all over the kingdom. Because they have some chance of having a month of good weather, they will bury themselves three more in bad.
The Duchess of Cleveland 4 died last night of what they call a miliary fever, which is much about : she had not been ill two days. So the poor creature, her Duke5, is again to be let : she paid dear for the hopes of being Duchess dowager.
Lady Catherine Pelham ° has miscarried of twins ; but they are so miserable with the loss of their former two boys, that they seem glad now of not having any more to tremble for.
I told you that we had seen a comet ; the women are very full of what they call the new comet; it is a man who publicly in the streets produces a violent fiery tail. He exhibited lately to Lady Tankerville's daughter as she was passing by in the coach : her governess cried out, ' Oh ! fie ! nasty man ! pull up the glass, child, pull up the glass ! ' — you know that was the way to hinder her seeing it.
There is another man who has by degrees bred himself •up to walk upon stilts so high, that he now stalks about and peeps into the one pair of stairs windows. If this practice should spread, dining-rooms will be as innocent as
* Lady Henrietta Pinch, sister of the Earl of Winchelsea, wife of William, Duke of Cleveland. Wai-pole,
6 William Fitzroy (1698-1774), third Duke of Cleveland ; Receiver General of the Profits of the Seals in the King's Bench and Common Pleas, and Comptroller of the Seal
and Green Wax Office.
6 Catherine, sister of John Man-ners, Duke of Eutland, and wife of Henry Pelham. They lost their two sons by an epidemic sore throat, after which she would never go to Esher or any house where she had seen them, Walpole.